So why Should You Book A Professional Wedding Photographer?

There are many forms of wedding day photography out there, from weekend amateur, over-keen relatives to new start-ups. Then there are full-time professionals like myself. If you are looking to book the right one for your wedding day, prices can often vary massively & the choice can be daunting. On this page, I aim to help you to understand the reasons why you should choose a professional photographer & what to look out for when narrowing the search down. Not only will an experienced professional photograph the day’s major events artistically, knowing where to be at the right time, but they will be able to capture moments you hadn’t even been aware of. A full-time professional photographer like myself has the added drive & motivation to produce the very best work; it’s their livelihood, after all, & one that is driven by customer feedback & referrals. Most have invested tens of thousands of pounds in their business & are dedicated to what they do. A passionate, experienced & creative photographer, I believe, will give you the very best images of your wedding day.

So here are ten good reasons to help you choose the best professional photographer for your wonderful day…

1. Your photographer should impress you. And by that I mean you should be genuinely in love with their work. It should excite you. It should connect with you. It should make you wish you were in the photograph. A good photographer should be consistent & you should see this in their recent blog posts. There are few occasions in life where you will look so good or so happy. With the right photographer, you will look unbelievable. And that’s the goal: to have photographs taken like you’ve never had before, pictures you want to show off to the world. Make sure that you ask to see photos of complete recent weddings and don’t just rely on the portfolio; this way you get to see how a photographer covers a whole day. If they won’t do this, or show you weddings from years ago, be very wary!


2. How do they deal with bad weather? It’s always a worry: you book your marquee wedding in the summer months, with only hay bales outdoors for guests to sit on during the drinks reception & it rains it all day! What a disaster. Admittedly, a professional photographer cannot change the weather, but they do adapt smoothly to a Plan B should a problem arise, shooting indoors & being creative with lighting.

3. Do they have decent equipment? All pro photographers should have up-to-date equipment that can cope with dark venues, such as churches, where flash photography generally isn’t allowed. A silent shutter is also very handy, so the noise of the photos being taken when the room is quiet doesn’t district you from saying your vows. Back-up cameras are also essential in case of a technical malfunction on the wedding day; all pros should shoot with a minimum of two cameras.

4. Do they fit your budget? With the right mindset you should be able to determine what is important. Is it the free bar or is it the photographer you’ve had your eye on since you got engaged who will make your wedding look amazing? In most cases, your photographer should cost you around the same amount as your wedding dress & they should be an important factor of your day. When the cake has been eaten, the dress is away in storage & the flowers have withered, it’s your photos that you have to remember your day by & to show your children.

5. Do they make you feel relaxed & yourselves in front of camera? A decent, experienced pro photographer should put you both at ease from the get-go, making you both feel like you can interact with each other naturally. Who wants all posed images from their wedding day? In my opinion, it’s a great idea to get a mix of both posed images & natural portraits that you can’t wait hang up in your home.


6. Don’t forget the details. A pro photographer will make sure they capture all of the little details that you have worked hard to create for your wedding day. From the bridal prep in the morning to all of the details on the tables for the wedding breakfast, you need to be confident that absolutely everything will be captured beautifully for you to remember, always.

7. The photographer is there to take pictures, not to be the centre of attention. They should make sure that moments are captured unobtrusively & naturally. Of course, there are times when they need to get involved: organising groups or giving subtle direction to the Bride & Groom to get those portraiture shots to look as striking as possible, but on the whole they let things happen. Essentially, they must understand the style of your wedding & capture it creatively & honestly & also have the people skills & friendliness to blend in with your guests, making them feel comfortable in their presence.

8. Are they recommended? All pro photographers will have reviews written about them online from past clients. Make sure you cross reference these with any Facebook & Google reviews or personal recommendations from other brides. Do you chat on wedding forums with other brides about your suppliers? Has anyone on the forums used them before? Shop around, do your research & make sure they have experience, with at least 50 weddings under their belt.


9. Another important matter is the manner in which your photographer approaches your day. Will they happily meet you before the day in order to talk through timings, check out the venue & get to know you better as individuals during your engagement session? They should be organised & answer your emails efficiently & professionally. Picking the right wedding photographer is like choosing the right dress: deep down you know when it feels right. You ought to feel that connection with your photographer, that bond of like-mindedness, so that every time you look through your wedding images, you know you made the right decision. No regrets.

10. So, you’ve got a great photographer whose pictures you adore, who understands about your day & relates well to both of you. Now you need to make sure that they are reliable, but how can you check this? A pro photographer should happily give you details for previous couples who you can contact if you want to. Secondly, they should have suitable backup equipment in case of malfunction or accident. Thirdly, they must have full photographic insurance, including public liability & indemnity. This is essential & a sign that your photographer is serious about their work.

I hope this advice has helped you a little when searching for the right wedding photographer… good luck & if you would like to book my services, please feel free to get in touch through my CONTACT FORM to check your date… Zen  ♡

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