Arley Hall Wedding Photography – Joanna & Brad

Wow… what a beautiful day!  The scene was set… amazing venue… fantastic couple and the weather was just perfect!!

Jo & Brad had met in Ibiza at Bora Bora three years ago.  As far as the wedding speeches go, “it was love at 1st sight”!  They both now live down in Essex near to Brad’s family so had planned a northern based wedding to be nearer to Jo’s family. Arley Hall was their choice of venue,  which was also “love at 1st sight”!!

We all met up at Arley for their pre-wedding shoot back in May.  They were both were in great spirits and up for a bit of creative shooting (I think the taster session including the wine and cocktails had helped on that day!).  It was a great shoot and I knew that the Wedding Day was going to be pretty special!

Claire from Claire Penn Photography was my second shooter on the big day.   Claire and I met through a mutual photographer friend almost a year ago and have continued to support each other ever since.

Joanna’s dress was simply stunning, it was from 7th heaven bridal in Congleton and the flowers were from 2lipsflorists in Stockton Heath.  I did shed a tear (along with the rest of the room) when they were saying their vows (I always do).  We also all had a bit of a giggle as the registrar got her words mixed up and declared Jo as Brad’s new husband!!

As Jo and Brad had met in Ibiza and had themed their whole day around the sun, sea and sand.  They thought it only right to give their guests a little slice of an Ibiza mash up at the end of the night!! Shades were handed out to all of their ‘still standing’ guests and with the tunes bangin, the party really started to go BONKERS!!

Guys, I hope you had the most amazing day and relaxing honeymoon in Mauritius, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Arley Hall Wedding Photographer

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Arley Hall Wedding Photography Arley Hall Wedding Photographer

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